2022 Rad Academy Summer Camp Warner Park II August 15-19

This Camp will take place at Warner Park. We have a second camp at Breese Stevens Field later in the Summer.
For more info on that camp click here.  

Dates: Aug 15-19th

Sign up Today! 

3 Hour Elementary          $150
1/2 Day Middle School    $200
Full Day Middle School   $350
1/2 Day High School        $200
Full Day High School       $350

This will be our first camp at Warner Park! It will be coached by Radicals players and local female players and is open to all genders. We don't have age restrictions, but if you want to ask about your child you can email 

The full day camp will run from 9:00 - 5:00 all week. The half day camp can either be morning or afternoon. Campers will receive a Radicals disc and some fun Radicals swag. It will be a great opportunity to learn about and improve your ultimate skills. 

Elementary School Camp will run 9:00-Noon each morning.

You will receive a follow up email with a full registration form and more information a few weeks before the start of camp.